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Det. Wayne Wallace, (Retired) Ph.D.

Wayne Wallace is a forensic criminologist, trial consultant, and professor of psychology and criminal justice. He is a retired detective and special agent. Upon retirement, Wayne served as a Commonwealth’s Detective at a prosecutor’s office for several years before devoting himself to consulting full time.


Wayne has over three thousand hours of specialized training and 30 years of criminal investigative and forensic experience in many areas of forensic criminology. With a Master's degree and Ph.D. in forensic psychology, Wayne understands that it is not enough to be cleverer than the criminal; every piece of investigative work must withstand judicial scrutiny. Anticipating vigorous defense challenges have shaped Wayne’s forensic skills. While there are many who claim a degree of knowledge and expertise from writing, speaking, or teaching from a singular perspective, one certainty constantly emerges; there is no substitute for successful practical experience.


Wayne has distinctly unique skill set with law enforcement experience that includes the investigation of criminal cases beginning at the crime scene and continuing through the entirety of the investigation including trial and sentencing. Wayne has had the responsibility several times of the extensive litigation unique to capital cases from crime scene to verdict. Wayne’s investigative expertise and success resulted in him being called upon to handle the most difficult cases from Police Departments in and around Northern Kentucky. Many years of training and successful investigative experience have honed Wayne’s forensic skills in this most intense crucible of law. Not only is it important to solve complex cases, obtain confessions, and gather evidence; it is also necessary to possess a professional, persuasive presence in the courtroom to sufficiently communicate to a judge and jury. Wayne’s testimony has been successful in many criminal and civil cases. Judges, juries, attorneys, news media, and others have commented on how Wayne’s clear, plainspoken, and convincing testimony endows a case with persuasive context.


Today, Wayne devotes his consultancy to the study of crime and criminal behavior, trial consulting, and to the sharing and exchange of professional knowledge and experience with others. Wayne has testified in many civil and criminal cases that resulted in acquittals and favorable verdicts. 


Wayne is an professor of psychology and criminal justice, and offers specialized training for law enforcement. Wayne's consulting services are available to the private practitioner as well as government agencies at the state and local level. 


See Wayne's Vita for more details.

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