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The Problem


Generally, multifaceted evidence is framed according to a singular perspective and it’s meaning is selectively interpreted to favor one side. Likewise, confirmatory evidence, facts and circumstances are selected while disconfirmatory evidence is ignored or buried in a mountain of discovery material.  

The government brings significant resources to bear on a case and naturally, does not reveal its weaknesses. Often, evidence is not readily apparent and the government does not broadcast the exculpatory nature of what they have in their possession. At times they ignore or dismiss evidence altogether. 

The Solution


Strategic Solutions offers answers to forensic problems that involve ambiguous, equivocal and often complicated evidence. A skilled forensic analysis can reveal the unconscious bias that ignores or overlooks evidence not favorable to the government. Successful experience makes the difference in this area to illuminate the "case-building" narrative.

Strategic Solutions will help to reconstitute biased perspectives with evidence-based solutions, clarifying ambiguous and vague evidence through the application of empirical psycholegal principles and tacit forensic and investigative knowledge, identifying latent and unidentified evidence concealed within complex and often indistinguishable facts that confront many cases. Additionally, a comprehensive analysis of investigative decision making can determine adherence to policy, protocol, and best practices. 


Relevant skilled experience matters. Without a skilled forensic analysis to look beneath the surface and read between the lines of the facts, circumstances, and evidence, you'll never know what you never knew.


Take a moment and explore our forensic services and contact us today. 



Strategy Today - Success Tomorrow

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