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Forensic Consulting Services

Strategic Solutions Inc. offers answers to forensic problems that involve ambiguous, equivocal and often complicated evidence. Generally, multifaceted evidence is framed according to a singular perspective and it’s meaning is selectively interpreted to favor one side. 

Strategic Solutions Inc. will help to reconstitute biased perspectives with evidence-based solutions, clarifying ambiguous and vague evidence through the application of empirical psycholegal principles and tacit forensic knowledge, identifying latent and unidentified evidence hidden within complex and often indistinguishable facts that confront most cases.  

The government brings significant resources to bear on a case. An equivocal forensic analysis often reveals the unconscious bias that ignores or overlooks evidence not favorable to the government, who does not generally reveal their weaknesses. Many times evidence is not readily apparent, yet in many cases they do not even realize what they have in their own possession. Experience counts in this area.

Without a skilled forensic analysis to look beneath the surface and read between the lines of your evidence,  you'll never know what you never knew. Don't make that mistake - Contact us today. 

Take a moment and explore our forensic services.  

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